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We have two types of products. One is Fortune Angel Love Match reports for people looking for the perfect soul mate or marriage. The other is Chinese astrology software and Calendars for people interesting in their astrology or learning Chinese astrology.

All the products are developed by Master Tsai. He had studied Chinese calendar more than 10 years before published the book of Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar in 1993. Base on this book, a very high precision astronomical Chinese calendar database was developed for all the astrology software and love match reports. Master Tsai has a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Master degree in Computer Science. He has been studying Chinese astrology while researching Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar. If you have any question about our software and reports, we can ask Master Tsai at mastertsai @yahoo.com

Fortune Angel Love Match Reports

Best Love Match - Most Compatible Birthdays

The report gives people more than 100 (about 200) birthdays which are very compatible to their birthdays from the calculation results of Chinese astrology Match, Western Zodiac Match and Chinese Feng Shui Kua Number Match.
Angel Love Match - Marriage Analysis Report

This report analyzes the compatibility love match scores of two persons' birthday. It also predicts the love and marriage luck for the coming three years and coming three months. It helps people to determine the timing of the marriage.
Multiple Love Match Reports

This is a matching tool to let people pre-screen 20 qualified mates by using three different astrology matches. The report will tell people who are the perfect matches. This is the fastest and best way to select potential soul mates for a lasting relationship.

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Reports

Yearly and monthly Cycles - Chinese Astrology

The Yearly Chinese Astrology Report predicts people's fortune for the coming years. It includes current 10-year major cycle, next three years and coming 12 months Chinese astrology. It also tells you about your lucky elements and lucky animals.
Major Cycles - Chinese Astrology

The 10-Year Major Cycle Chinese Astrology Report predicts people's major lucks in the entire life. It includes 8 major cycles and next coming five years astrology prediction. It also tells you about your lucky elements and lucky animals.

Chinese Astrology Software and Calendar

How to Run Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology and Chinese Farmer's Calendar on Mac/Apple Computers

Books of Five Elements

Five Element Chinese AstrologyClassical Five Element Chinese Astrology Made Easy - David Twicken
Four Pillars and Oriental MedicineCelestial Stems, Terrestrial Branches and Five Elements for Health
The Balancing Act of Five ElementsMastering the Five Elements of Success in Life, Relationships & Work
Chinese AstrologyEncyclopedia of Chinese astrology

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