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Choose Good Day for Baby Caesarian Birth

Sometimes, we are asked to find a lucky day for a Caesarian Birth to deliver a baby. This is a common question in the Asian community to ask the auspicious day for a woman to give birth by the Caesarian because Chinese astrology has been prevailing in China for thousands of years and people know the accuracy of its prediction. Therefore, many people believe that the birthday and birth time determine people's destiny.

All parents want their children to have a better life. They all wish their children are healthy, wealthy, have a good career, good marriage, and good sibling relationships. For the sake of children, many parents would ask Chinese fortunetellers to pick a lucky date and time for their coming baby.

Five Elements Astrology

Before doing the prediction, Chinese astrology decodes people's birthdays and birth times to an astrology birth chart using the Chinese fortune-telling calendar. The birth chart can be converted into Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. By using the balance concept of Five Elements, Chinese astrology can see the rise and fall of people's entire life.

No Body is Perfect. No Perfect Birth Chart

There are opposition relationships among the Five Elements in the birth chart. If Metal is too strong, then Wood will easily get hurt. If Water is too strong, then Fire might be extinguished. If Fire is too strong, then Metal might be melted. Five Elements can represent people's money, career, parent, children, reputation, wisdom, honesty, kindness, and so on. Because there is no perfect balance of Five Elements in the birth chart, the following situations could happen.

If you want your baby to have good health, then the baby might have a poor people or father relationship. If the baby has good wealth, then it might have a poor mother relationship. If the baby has a good career, then it might have poor health. If the baby has a good sibling relationship, then it might have a bit of poor money luck. There is no perfect birth chart, so nobody is perfect.

Do Not Expect the Baby Brings You Fortune

The chance is very slim that a baby brings wealth to the parents. If the birth chart from selected shows a baby should be born or grow in a rich family, your family is not and will not be quite as rich, then it might end up you cannot afford to raise this baby. The baby might have to leave you for many possible reasons - a war, earthquakes, accidents, stealing, financial problems, health problems, career issues, or family issues.

The other way around is the same. If the birth chart shows a baby who will be very rich later but grows from a very poor family than yours, then the baby won't stay with you soon or later during childhood.

Fortune Angel Suggestion

The suggestion to you is to let your baby and doctor decide the day. If the due day is in the summer, then you can look for the birth time in the early morning before 10:30 A.M. (standard time, not daylight saving time). If the due day is in the winter, then you can choose the birth time after 11 A.M. This is from the Yin Yang balance concept - summer is hot and winter is cold. Therefore, if the baby's due day is in the Summer, then the better birth time should be at night, the weather is cooler. But you have to find a doctor on duty at night.

Select the Caesarian Birth Day

No matter what kind of explanations people give, some parents or grandparents still want advice from fortunetellers to bless the mother and the coming baby better luck during the birth time. The fortuneteller might look for a lucky birthday roughly 10 days around the baby's due day. Each day has 12 different birth charts. The fortuneteller needs many hours to deliver the answer, which is not always economical.

Therefore, we provide a software program for these parents and grandparents to find a luckier day for the baby. This software focuses on two issues. One is the safety of mother and child during the birth time by the Caesarian. The other is the better communication or compatibility relationship between mother and child to avoid the generation gap. Again, the software doesn't include the logic to you the days to make the baby wealthy or famous.


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