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Choose Baby Gender before Pregnancy

Baby Gender Prediction by Chinese Women Conception Statistic Chart

They said the Chinese Baby Pregnancy Chart is quite accurate to predict the baby gender using the women's age and the month of the conception. The Chinese Pregnancy Chart is a statistic chart of Chinese baby gender by women pregnant information using in the Forbidden City during the Ching Dynasty. This chart has many different names, such as the Chinese Baby Calendar, Chinese Gender Chart, Chinese Birth Chart, Chinese conception Chart, Chinese conception Calendar, and Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. To Predict Baby Gender, we need to use the woman's Chinese age and the Chinese lunar month of conception. The following application will do the calculations for the Chinese age by birthday and the Chinese Lunar month by the conception month. Some women use this tool to choose the gender for the next baby.

Baby Gender Predictor

Woman's Birth Year Month Day   Time Zone   

Conception  Year Month Day   Time Zone   


Origionator: https://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/PredcitSex.htm

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