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Visual Basic Programs for Chinese Lunar Calendar

The sample Visual Basic Program for Chinese Lunar Calendar uses a Microsoft Access database of the Sun and Moon astronomical data instead of astronomical formula. You can export data into SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, or FoxPro database. Since Visual Basic codes is similar to ASP codes, it's easy to apply the astronomical data into Internet applications. The following are the sample programs

Chinese Calendar Conversion

The complete Sun and Moon data is from 1 A.D. to 2246 A.D. The data for Chinese Calendar we want is from Year 1645 to 2245, because the logic for Chinese Lunar Calendar to assign the Lunar Months is the method of True Moon and True Sun, which is from the Chinese Calendar Major Reform in 1645. The other reason is the Gregorian Calendar dropped 10 days from October 5, 1582 to October 14, 1582 by Pope Gregory XII. This will cause the confusion of Chinese Calendar conversion before October 5, 1582., such as looking for the dates of Winter Solstices.

The sample Visual Basic program enables to do the Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion between Gregorian date and Chinese Lunar date from 1645 to 2245 for 24 time zones using Astronomical Calendar or Civil Calendar. This sample program show how to utilize the solar Sector Points, solar Center Point and new moon data.

Stem and Branch Information

The Five Element button shows how to calculate Stems and Branches for the date and hour, which are the basic information of the Chinese Astrology.

The Explanation of Chinese Calendar Conversion

The explanation button show how to read the data from Sun and Moon data to verify the result of the calendar conversion.

Solar Time Correction Table

The True Solar Time Correction Table is the Equation of Time for entire year. The True Solar Time is the Sundial Time. The Equation of Time is the difference between Sun mean and Sun apparent time.

This is a reference data only. Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion doesn't apply the Sundial time into the conversion. But we have a bonus sample program of the Equation of Time in the CD.

Get more information from The Equation of Time or The Equation of Time Correction Table

Western Zodiac and Easter Sunday 

The source program to find the zodiac for western astrology and the Easter Sunday, is the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs next after the Vernal Equinox. This sample program shows how to use the solar Center Points and full moon data.

The Equation of Time

The source program to calculate proximate the equation of time from selected date and time zone. This bonus program doesn't use Sun or Moon astronomical data. It's a handy program to adjust the true solar time.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar CD

The complete Visual Basic codes, Sun Center Point, Sun Sector Point, New Moon and Full Moon data are in the Chinese Lunar Calendar CD. The CD also includes the source codes of the sample programs and utility programs to manipulate the Sun, Moon and Leap Months data. Click here for CD Layout.

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