Chinese Astrology Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Chinese Astrology Predict People's Fortune?

  We simply use the Yin Yang Five Element Relationships to predict a person's fortune. Since the concepts of Five Elements are abstract, we convert Five Elements into Five Stars, which are Money, Career, Companion, Parent and Fame (Child) stars. In this way, it will be easy for us to understand the luck of money, career or fame.

There are four astrology cycles which dominate a person's fortune in Chinese astrology. They are the 10-year Major Cycle, Yearly Cycle, Monthly Cycle and Daily Cycle. Usually, the 10-year Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle predicts a person's good or bad luck. The Monthly Cycle and Daily Cycle predict when the good or bad luck will happen.

The symbols of the cycles are from the Stem-Branch system in the Chinese astrology calendar. The first symbol is called the Stem. The second symbol, which is an animal sign, is called the Branch. Our prediction not only checks for the Stem Relationships and Brach Relationships, but also examines the additional Branch Relationships, the special Branch Relationships and the mixing Stem and Branch Relationships. Therefore, we are very confident in our predictions.

Predict Your Money, Career and Fame

Our prediction focus on money, career and fame, because we believe most people are quite interesting in these subjects.

Lunar Calendar or Solar Calendar?

Your birth date for our Chinese astrology is the date from the solar calendar (western calendar or Gregorian calendar), not the Chinese lunar calendar.

We don't convert your birth date to the lunar calendar, because the Chinese astrology calendar is only connected to the sun. not the moon. Sun creates the day, night and four seasons. Our Five Element astrology talks about Yin Yang and season changes.

Many people, including many Chinese, think Chinese astrology has always used the lunar calendar since a thousand years ago. Actually, the ancient Chinese fortunetellers converted lunar time to solar time, because Chinese only had the lunar calendar then.

Can We Do the Prediction Without Knowing the Birth Time?

Yes. As long as you know your birth date, Chinese astrology still can give you some predictions. But without your correct birth time, Chinese astrology is unable to determine your Lucky Element correctly. The lucky element is the key to predicting a person's good or bad luck. That means Chinese astrology can tell you what will happen to you, but it cannot tell you if the result is favorable or unfavorable to you.

Why is the Birth Place Time Zone is required?

It's required only for people born on the astrological hour, day or month boundaries. The Chinese hour boundaries are at 1,3,5,7,9,10,11 A.M. and 1,3,5,7,9,11 P.M.. The month boundary is around on the 3rd day to 9th day in our solar months. Thus, the Time Zone can adjust your birth time to the correct astrological hour, day and month.

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How Good is the Prediction?

Will our prediction always happen? We don't want to say yes, because it is not always easy to completely understand the meaning of the Five Elements. For example, when Fire appears in the cycle, we just know something to do with Fire will impact your life. Since Fire is too abstract, we use Five Stars to explain the prediction. If Fire is the Career star, then we only know something to do with your job, power, boss, police, personal challenge, accident, disease or  lawsuit might come toward your life. It's possible that an accident happens, but the prediction just mentioned about job pressure during that period. To you, that's different. To the fortunetellers, that's identical.

The Five Elements are changing with the passage of time. Daily Five Elements last only for a day. Monthly Five Elements last for about 30 days. Yearly Five Elements last for a year. Also, usually the Daily Five Elements are the continuation from yesterday's Five Elements. That means the daily event continues the unfinished business from the day before. Our daily astrology prediction doesn't check for that complication. However, everything has a beginning. If the Daily Five Elements are same as the Monthly or Yearly Five Elements, then that day might be the beginning point of a major event. Therefore, we can know what monthly prediction will happen, but we don't know which day unless we examine each and every Daily Five Elements.

In general, Monthly Five Elements are more important than Daily Five Elements and Yearly Five Elements are more important than monthly ones. Certainly, the Five Elements in 10-year major cycles are the most important, because they last for 10 years.

Why can a Fortuneteller Predict Better?

If you ask questions to a fortuneteller in person, then you might tell the fortuneteller that you want to know about your career, money or health luck first. So the fortuneteller will focus on your job, investment or disease. For example, you ask for the result or duration of a lawsuit then the fortuneteller will study the Career Star, but never mention about your job pressure.

A good Chinese fortuneteller studies the birth chart and Five Elements first without asking any questions. Certainly, the first clue is that the person is having bad luck. After knowing which element in the birth chart is in trouble, the fortuneteller can guess what is happening according to the gender and age.

For example, a mother asks about her son's birth chart and the fortuneteller finds out that the trouble is from the Career Star. The fortuneteller might ask the mother, "Is your son in school now?" If the answer is no, then the child might have a health problem at home or hospital, or even be in heaven. If the answer is yes, then the child might have trouble with the law.

Anyway, the interactive conversation will help the fortuneteller make a better prediction.

To Understand More About Five Stars

In Chinese astrology, the Career star means anything or anyone give you pressure or harm. Therefore the Career star might be a job giving you pressure, a disease giving you health difficulties, an accident hurting your body or a person giving you rules. So the Career star can represent the position, job, power, pressure, competition, personal challenge, accident, adventure, law, reform, etc.

The Fame (Child) Star is related to the results of your self expression. Therefore, your body and mind expression to people is the Fame star. Whatever impressions you give people result in your reputation. So the Fame star represents a person's outlook, ideas, expressions, skills, talents, wisdom, arguments, weaknesses, children, diseases, etc.

The Parent star is connected to something or someone protecting you. Any increase in your body and mind power comes from the Parent star. So the Parent star stands for your parents, supporters, subordinates, education, wisdom,  knowledge, reputation, relaxation, laziness, etc.

The Companion star stands for your siblings or relatives who are the same generation as you. People feel much more comfortable, confident,  aggressive, stronger and braver when friends are around. So competition, expansion, independence, friendship, leadership, challenges and money are Companion stars.

The Money star is related to money, property, investments, loans, shopping expenses, social life, material life and people interested in your money.

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No astrology software is perfect. No fortuneteller can predict everything 100% correctly every time. The free or paid astrology service, materials, software and products in, or related to, our website are provided for entertainment purposes only. If you apply the results of the astrology predictions to gamble on your career or on your money luck in the stock market or casino, then you do so at your own risk. Please read the Disclaimer Page.

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