Five Stars Relationship

Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth in Chinese astrology. They are conceptual terms, not physical materials. Because Five Elements are abstract, when predicting a person's fortune, we would like to convert Five Elements into Five Stars, which are Parent, Companion, Child (Fame), Money, and Career Stars. If we want to know a person's money luck, then we study the Money Star. If we are interested in career, then we analyze the Career Star.

 The following example shows the Five Elements and Five Stars Relationships are the same. If the Day Master is the Water, then

  • The Parent Star is Metal

  • The Companion Star is Water

  • The Child Star is Wood

  • The Money Star is Fire

  • The Career Star is Earth


Five Elements Relationship

Five Stars Relationship
This is Five Element circulating relationship.
  • Metal generates Water
  • Water generates Wood
  • Wood generates Fire
  • Fire generates Earth
  • Earth generates Metal

Parent Star gives you (Companion Star) protection. Companion Star protects its Child. Child Star helps to generate money. Money Star can buy a Career. Career Star can create the protect for Companion's family.

Child Star is the mother of Money Star. Money Star is the mother of Career Star. Career Star is the mother of Parent Star.

Five Elements Relationship

Five Stars Relationship
This is Five Element  harmful relationships
  • Earth can make Water disappear
  • Water can extinguish Fire
  • Fire can melt Metal
  • Metal can break Wood
  • Wood can break the ground (Earth)

Career gives you (Companion Star) pressure. Companion Star needs to pursuit money. When focusing on money, you will forget your parents or health. Parent will protect your fame (Child Star). Bad fame can jeopardize your career.