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When am I in Love?

The Spouse Element

Many hints about your love can be found in your Chinese astrology birth chart. To know when you are in love, you need to know which element represents you in the birth chart first. In the astrology birth chart, the symbol in the upper Day column is called Day Master or Day Stem.

The Day Master in your birth chart represents You. The sample here shows that the Day Master is a Male Wood.

If you are a female, then from the Day Master, you can find the element represents your boy friends or husband, which is the Spouse Element. When the Spouse Element appears in your cycle, then you have more opportunity to meet the male.

Female's Day Master Boy Friend or Husband (Spouse)
Metal Fire
Water Earth
Wood Metal
Fire Water
Earth Wood

If you are a male, then you can find the Spouse Element from the Day Master. When the Spouse Element comes into your cycle, then you have more chance to deal with female or money.

Male's Day Master Girl Friend or Wife (Spouse)
Metal Wood
Water Fire
Wood Earth
Fire Metal
Earth Water

The connections between Five Elements and Calendar symbols are in the following table.

Therefore, If your Spouse Element is Metal, then you will have a better relationship with opposite sex in the years of Monkey and Chicken. To know which years contain your Spouse Element is from Yearly Five Elements or Five Elements of the Next 10 Years page. If you can find your Spouse Element in the 10-Year Major cycle, then you will have a chance to find your spouse during that period. If you find your Spouse Element in both yearly cycle and 10-year major cycle, then you should have a very close relationship with opposite sex and it might end up a marriage.

The Romantic Element

People meet their boy or girl friends in different ways. It's same that there are many different factors to predict a love event in Chinese astrology. When the Romantic Star comes into people's cycle, people trend to think about the opposite sex and it's easier to get the response from the opposite sex.

We can find the Romantic Star using our animal sign of birth year from the following table.

Birth Year Animal Romantic Star

The birth year's animal sign in the sample birth chart is Dog, therefore the Romantic Star is the Rabbit. If a daily, monthly cycle, yearly cycle or 10-year majors cycle contain the Rabbit, then the person will have a chance to improve the closer relationship with girl or boy friend. You can find the Romantic Star of the different cycles from the Five Elements page.

The Lucky Element

It makes sense that your romantic luck will improve when you are in luck. When the Lucky Element appears in the cycle, people get what they want easier during that period. Therefore, if you find your Lucky Element in your cycle, then you might have a love event during that cycle too. You can find your Lucky Element from your Five Element Balance Chart.

Love Match Studies and Reports

There are many factors about your love and marriage luck. All the Angel Love Match reports includes the prediction about people's love and marriage luck. This is a easiest way to find out when you are in love.

We studied Love Compatibility using Chinese Horoscopes and would like to share them with you.


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