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Feng Shui Romantic Places and Rooms

In Chinese Feng Shui theory, there is a romantic place for people in their house. Unfortunately, that romantic place sometimes is unavailable to people. Here we like to tell all your possible romantic places in the house to you from different Feng Shui systems. If you want to be attractive to the opposite sex, you can move your bedroom to a romantic place. This will help you to bring more opposite sex customers too if you need them for your business. Please and please don't try this, if you are a married person.

Before finding out your romantic place, you need to know your animal signs and what type of person in the Feng Shui system.

Birth Year Month Day

  Time Zone   

Gender  Male  Female   


In basic Feng Shui, the house is divided into 8 sectors from the center point of its blueprint. The shape of sectors is like a pizza slice, not a square. The northern area is from 337.5 degree to 22.5 degree. The eastern area is from 67.5 degree to 112.5 degree...

Method 1 - Your House in Year 2000

Not everyone has the following opportunity, since everyone lives in different type of the house. This chance happens only in year 2000. The house mentioned here is not the apartment. For apartment, you need to ask professionals with a detail description.

Method 2 - Your Feng Shui Type in Year 2000

This isn't for everyone, either. This chance happens only in year 2000.

Method 3 - Your Animal Sign from Birth Chart DAY Column

Method 4 - Your Animal Sign from Birth Chart YEAR Column

Decorate your Bedroom

To enhance the romance luck, you need to use a pink or red colours system for decorating your bedroom. You can use fresh flower, romantic paintings or love sculptures to create the romantic atmosphere. Sometimes it's hard to find the exact romantic sector without a Feng Shui Compass. We would recommend you try one place for three months. If it does not work, use the other place for another three months.


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