Feng Shui How to Find Your Compatible Spouse or Roommate

Simple Chinese Feng Shui Application

There are two types of people in the Chinese Feng Shui World. One is called the Eastern Type East 4. The other is called the Western Type West 4. All Eastern Type people have the same lucky places in a house. All Western Type people have the same lucky places too. But the lucky places for the Eastern Type and the Western Type people are the complete opposite. When you have a choice to choose a roommate to share a single room, you should know both of you are the same type's people and that single room is in your lucky places in that house. This way, you and your roommate will get along very well.

Married couples must be the same Feng Shui Type people because they should sleep in the same bedroom. Otherwise, it's hard to find a proper bedroom to fit both of them.

It's the same theory when you are planning to buy a house, you have to think about the master bedroom is your lucky place or not.

To find you are the Eastern Type or the Western Type person, please click here!