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Theory, Leap Month, High-Precision Astronomical Data (1 to 2246 A.D.) and Conversion Programming


Many people are looking for the formula to convert from the Gregorian Calendar to Chinese Lunar Calendar. Actually, there is no formula for the Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion to satisfy me during my research from 1988 to 1992. Because the motion and rotation of moon are uneven, unstable and wobbling, it's very hard to have a accurate formula for Chinese Lunar Calendar over any century. Any straight-forward formula available today only give us a low-precision result. Without a high-precision astronomical data, the assignments of Chinese Lunar Leap Month (a.k.a. Intercalary Month) will become a great chaos. Before learning how to do the Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion programming with high-precision astronomical data used in the, we have to know the theory and the imperfection of the Chinese Lunar Calendar system.

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