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Five Elements, Stems, and Animal Signs Relationships

The Chinese astrology Love Compatibility Match uses the Stem Relationship and Branch Relationship in the birth chart to calculate the matching score. Stems and Branches (Animals) in the birth chart come from Chinese astrology calendar.

The Basic Stems and Branches relationship are not too difficult. But they are quite complicate when Stems and Branches are mixing together. The score of Love Match is simply calculated using the attraction and fighting relationships between stems and relationships between branches.

Five Elements and People's Fortunes Explain why Five Elements can tell people's fortune
The Five Elements in Animal Signs The Relationship between Five Elements and Animal signs
Heavenly Stem Relationships Five Elements Basic Relationship
Earthly Branch Relationships Animals/Branches Basic Relationship
Additional Branch Relationships Hurting and Separation Branches Relationships
Special and Powerful Branch Relationships Powerful Trio and Gang of Three Relationships
Stem and Branch Attraction Relationship Review the Stem and Branch Attraction Relationships
Stem and Branch Fighting Relationship Review the Stem and Branch Fighting Relationships
True and Fake Stem Attraction Relationships Explain complicate Stem Attraction Relationships
True and Fake Branch Attraction Relationship Explain complicate Branch Attraction Relationships
Mixing Stem and Branch Relationships Complex concept about mixing Stem and Branch Relationships
Different Astrological Animal Signs Explain why the animal signs are different from other websites

Chinese Horoscopes and Love Match

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