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True and Fake Stem Attraction Relationships

Chinese Five Elements Astrology

The Stem Attraction Relationship is just like the love between male and female. It might end up a good marriage or just a relationship nothing happen. We call the good marriage relationship as a True Attraction Relationship. The one never happens is called Fake Relationship.

True Stem Attraction Relationship

Stem Attraction relationship

Examples of Stem Attraction Relationship

True Fake
Yang Wood Yin Earth
Earth Dog Earth Sheep
Yang Wood Yin Earth
Water   Rat Fire Snake
Male Wood must be on the animal of Earth or Fire that supports the Earth. So Male Wood can stay in the Earth environment and the attraction relationship will be growing and steady. Male Wood is on the animal of Water, Wood or Metal. Male Wood still spend time with parents, friends or pressure. The Male Wood cannot concentrate on the relationship with Earth.


True Fake
Yin Wood Yang Metal
Earth Cow Earth Dragon
Yin Wood Yang Metal
Wood Rabbit Water Rat
Female Wood must be on the animal of Earth or Metal that supports the Metal. So Female Wood can focus on Metal relationship. Female Wood is on the animal of  Wood or Water and cannot concentrate on the relationship with Metal.


True Fake
Yang Fire Yin Metal
Earth Dragon Water Pig
Yang Fire Yin Metal
Fire Horse Earth Cow
Male Fire and Female Metal must be on the animal of Water, Metal or Dragon. So the Water relationship can be steady. Male Fire is on the animal of Fire will attack Female Metal. If Female Metal is not on the animal of Water or Metal, Female Metal won't interest on Male Fire.


True Fake
Yin Fire Yang Water
Water Pig Wood Tiger
Yin Fire Yang Water
Fire Snake Water Rat
Male Water and Female Fire must be on the animal of Wood or Water that supports the Wood. So they can focus on the relationship. Male Water is on the animal Water and Female Fire is on the animal of Fire. Both of them will fight together. There is no attraction relationship there.


True Fake
Yang Earth Yin  Water
Fire Horse Fire Snake
Yang Earth Yin Water
Water Rat Water Pig
Male Earth and Female Water must be on the animal of Wood or Fire that supports the Fire. So they can have the attraction relationship. Male Earth is on the animal of Water. Female Water is on the animal of Water. It's too many Water and too cold for the Fire relationship.

The above examples show Stem Attraction Relationship should consider about the Branches around two attracting stems. It's the same that we need to take into consideration about the Stem next to the attracting stems.

The Fake Relationship is a stab in the back relationship. If you find this relationship in the birth chart or cycles, then that implies someone similes with you on the table and but fights under at the same time.

True and Fake Branch Attraction Relationship

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