Five Element Weights for Astrology Birth Chart

Baby Birthday: November 3, 2005

The following is your baby's birth chart. The baby is White Rabbit, born in the year of Green Chicken.
The first character in DAY represents the baby. So it is equivalent to Female Metal.

Baby's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

Female WoodFemale WoodFemale Wood Female MetalFemale MetalFemale Metal Male FireMale FireMale Fire Female WoodFemale WoodFemale Wood
SheepSheepGreen Sheep RabbitRabbitWhite Rabbit DogDogRed Dog ChickenChickenGreen Chicken

Five Elements in Chinese astrology not only can predict people's luck, but, in theory of Chinese astrology, can connect with human body system. The following chart shows the relationship between Five Elements and the body's organic systems.

Five Elements Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Organs Liver Heart Spleen Lungs Kidneys
Organs Gall Small Intestines Stomach Large Intestines Bladder
System Nervous Circulatory Digestive Respiratory Excretory
Disease Wind Hot Wet Dry Cold

If we have a balance Five Elements, then we will have a healthier body. Therefore, we want to check baby's birth chart has any missing element or overweight element. Too little or too many of one element can cause illness easily in the body system of that element.

The following is the baby's Five Element Weight Chart. If the Adjusted Weight is less than 9, then the weight of an element is considered too less. If the percentage of the element is more than 50% in the chart, then the weight of an element is considered too much.

The missing element is Water. We need to pay attention on baby's health related to the element. 

Five Elements Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Basic Weight 93  42  36  69 
Adjusted Weight 69  42  72  103 
Percentage 24% 14% 25% 36% 0%