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The following compatibility horoscope test tools are very useful for online matchmaking tickle including a special Chinese astrology love match method.

Many Chinese horoscope websites give people marriage advice by comparing people's birth years. They say that the pairs shouldn't be together are Rat and Horse, Cow and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Chicken, Dragon and Dog plus Snake and Pig. For example, a person who was born in the year of Rat should avoid trying on the opposite sex who was born in the year of Horse. In the other words, that's not good compatibility for those who have six years difference in their ages.

None of Chinese professional fortune-tellers will use this way to determine the compatibility for a couples. All professional fortune-tellers know that six-year difference impacts the compatibility only about 10%. Every Chinese fortune-telling book says that please don't use six-year difference to destroy a good marriage.

The Fortune Angel's Fast Match provides a Love Compatibility Method by comparing people's birth year, birth month, and birth day. This method is used by many professional Chinese fortune-tellers today. Since the matching result is quite accurate, please do not try on serious, sensitive, easily-hurt people, when you use Fast Match for party entertainment.

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