Chinese Lunar Calendar FAQ

Why does no one mention the terms of Chinese Astronomical Calendar and Civil Calendar, except you?

I didn't invent the terms of Chinese Astronomical Calendar and Civil Calendar. They are from a book called Studies on Chinese Calendar Science and Astronomy by Kao Ping Tse (1888-1970). The book is printed in Chinese and was released in February 1969. It is probably out of print.

Kao Ping Tse is one of the greatest Chinese astronomer after Ching Dynasty. He didn't have a formal education in astronomy. He picked up everything by himself. One of the craters in the Moon is in his name. The crater name was honored for his contribution on astronomy at his one hundred year old birthday after he past away. The crater location is at longitude 87.6E, latitude  6.7S. The diameter of the crater is 34 kilometers.

How accurate is your astronomical data?

Since we didn't use the second for Chinese Lunar Calendar application, the error is within one minute by comparing the book of The American Ephemeris for 21st Century. Or compare the data from U.S. Naval Observatory.

How to install Chinese Lunar Calendar program?

Run the Setup.exe from the Setup folder in the Chinese Lunar Calendar CD.

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