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What kind of health (good or bad), if one has too much Wood (more than 200) in the birth chart?

The liver is in the Wood group. If a person has too less Wood, then the person's liver might be not healthy. When a person has too much Wood, the person still has slight chance with an unhealthy liver. Mostly, if a person with too much Wood, then the person's spleen easily gets hurt. Because the strong Wood easily conquer the Earth and spleen is in the Earth group, a person probably has to pay attention on the health of spleen when the Wood score is high, the Earth score is low and the Fire score is not high in the birth chart.

In general, a person with a high Wood score needs to take care the digestive system, spleen, tendon, muscles, skin and the gall bladder. People have different living environments and eating styles. Therefore, not every strong Wood person has the same health issue. Sometimes, we need to work with doctors. If doctors find the problem in these areas, then we shouldn't ignore the treatment from doctors, since the unhealthy area might be congenital, the Wood is too much in the birth chart.

The software doesn't provide a health module, but all the hidden information is in the pages of C:\FT\Angel\HTML\Wood1.htm, C:\FT\Angel\HTML\Earth1.htm and C:\FT\Angel\HTML\5EList.htm

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