Chinese Fortune Angel   Money and Career in Five Elements

Money and Career Relationship with  the Five Elements

From the affinity (supporting) and enmity (fighting) relationships among the Five Elements, Chinese Astrology developed a simple theory to find out which element represents money or career.

  • Wood helps Fire to burn
  • Fire burns to dust
  • Metal forms in the Soil
  • Metal holds the Water
  • Water helps Trees to grow
  • Wood fights with Metal
  • Fire fights with Water
  • Soil fights with Wood
  • Metal fights with Fire
  • Water fights with Soil

The Birth Chart has the four columns (Pillars) and two rows. The symbol in the upper row is called the Heavenly Stem and the symbol in the lower row is called the Earthly Branch. The columns from right to left are Year, Month, Day and Hour columns. The Day Stem in the Four Pillars Birth Chart represents the person. For an example, refer to the following Birth Chart in the Life Balance Chart screen. The Year Column is Water Rat, the Month Column is Wooden Snake, the Day Column is Metal Pig and the Hour Column is Earth Dog. So the person is a Metal Pig and was born in year of Water Rat. The Day Stem is the Female Metal.

If the Day Stem is Metal, then the same kind of element, Metal, represents the person's friend or sibling. The Earth is the supporting element (affinity relationship) of Metal. In the Life Balance Chart, Earth can represent the person's helper, supporter or their parents. Fire would be the element that puts pressure (enmity relationship) on the Metal. Fire can represent the person's career. Wood is the element that Metal can conquer or win (enmity relationship). Wood can represent money to the person. Water is the element generated (affinity relationship) from Metal. Water can represent the person's offspring or expression from the person's body or mind.

According to this theory, we can find hints about money, career, friends, parents and children from the Opportunity Chart.

The Day Stem in the above Opportunity Chart is Fire and represents the person. The same kind of element, Fire, represents the person's friend or sibling. Wood is the supporting element of Fire, so Wood also represents the person's helper or parents. Water is the element that pressures Fire, so Water represents the person's career. Fire can melt Metal, so Metal represent money. The Earth was created from Fire, so Earth represents the person's children or expression from the person's body or mind.

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