The Five Element Life Balance Chart of the Celebrity

   Princess Diana  

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, was born on 7/1/1961 18:45 PM

She was married on 7/29/81 and died on 8/31/97

A beautiful lady with beautiful mind and beautiful heart

The Life Balance Chart shows Diana wasn't happy during her marriage.
She also wasn't lucky during her early ages.

The Yearly Life Balance Chart shows Diana was low in luck in 1997.
Diana's first child William was born in 1982. She was in a better mood around 1983.

What's the meaning of the bar chart after 1997?
(1) Diana should be luckier from 2002, if she didn't pass away.
(2) The chart stands for the luck of her children after 1997

The Opportunity Chart shows Diana's career (Husband, Marriage) and money opportunities.

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