Auspicious Hours for Caesarian Birth

Baby Birthday: November 1, 2005

The following is your baby's birth chart. The baby is Brown Cow, born in the year of Green Chicken.
The first character in DAY represents the baby. So it is equivalent to Female Earth.

Baby's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart Without Birth Hour

Female EarthFemale EarthFemale Earth Male FireMale FireMale Fire Female WoodFemale WoodFemale Wood
CowCowBrown Cow DogDogRed Dog ChickenChickenGreen Chicken
We has decided this baby's birthday, because this day has good compatibility relationship with you by comparing this birth chart and your birth chart. Next, we want to check any special the astrology hint about family relationship inside baby's birth chart.

The DAY column of the birth chart contains the information about baby and baby's spouse (marriage life). The MONTH column contains the information about baby's parents (growing-up period). The HOUR column contains the information about baby's children (late life). Therefore, we don't want to see any conflict relationship between DAY and MONTH columns as well as DAY and HOUR columns. If the DAY column has two conflict relationships together, then baby probably won't have a good marriage.

Here we can simply compare the animal relationship between MONTH column and DAY column. The conflict relationship from this two animals means the baby doesn't have close relationship with the relatives. Either the baby has poor communication skill with the family members or has to leave home and lives far away from home. Also, the baby might have the trouble handling the marriage and relatives.

Back to the baby's birth chart, we found the animal in the DAY column is Cow and the animal in the MONTH column is Dog. Cow and Dog have a conflict relationship. There is a potential poor relationship between baby and your family. You can select a different day or you must select the birth hour with no conflict relationship with DAY column.

The following is the list of 12 astrology hours on the 11/1/2005. The x mark in the Avoid column means the DAY and HOUR have conflict relationship, you can avoid to choose that time period for the Caesarian Birth.

The final step is to check any missing element among Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) in baby's birth chart. If a person has a missing element, then the person might miss something in his or her life. Also, a missing element birth chart might have a very good luck or bad luck happen once in the life. To find a balance the Five Element birth chart is safer than an unbalance one. However, you don't have to find the most balance birth chart, because we don't know that's the best or not. As long as the birth chart doesn't have any missing element, then the day and hour is good enough for the for the Caesarian Birth.

Birth Hours in the following chart is the standard time. If baby's due day is during the daylight saving time, then you need to add hour or minutes into the birth hour to become your clock time.

When making the doctor appointment, you need to ask the doctor the preparation time to avoid the conflict hours.

Birth Hours Astrology Hour Avoid Five Element Weights in Birth Chart
0-1 Rat   Check for Missing Five Element
1-3 Male Metal Cow   Check for Missing Five Element
3-5 Male Metal Tiger   Check for Missing Five Element
5-7 Male Metal Rabbit   Check for Missing Five Element
7-9 Dragon   Check for Missing Five Element
9-11 Snake   Check for Missing Five Element
11-13 Horse   Check for Missing Five Element
13-15 Sheep  x Check for Missing Five Element
15-17 Monkey   Check for Missing Five Element
17-19 Chicken   Check for Missing Five Element
19-21 Dog  x Check for Missing Five Element
21-23 Pig   Check for Missing Five Element
23-24 Rat   Check for Missing Five Element