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Five Elements Weights 15 Days

Today is Tuesday, September 26, 2023, which is a Red Fire Pig day according to the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. The weights of Five Elements appearing in the yearly, monthly, and daily cycles are for balancing your Five Elements in the Chinese astrology birth chart. We use this theory to predict people's fortune.

To find your Five Elements and Lucky Element is from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology. Below is the listing of the Five Elements weights for the next 15 days.

Five Elements Weights of Daily Zodiac Signs

Date Stem & Branch Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
9/26/2023FirePigRed FirePig02010300
9/27/2023EarthRatBrown EarthRat0300030
9/28/2023EarthCowBrown EarthCow390048
9/29/2023MetalTigerWhite MetalTiger3001677
9/30/2023MetalRabbitWhite MetalRabbit3003000
10/1/2023WaterDragonBlack WaterDragon0339018
10/2/2023WaterSnakeBlack WaterSnake7300167
10/3/2023WoodHorseGreen WoodHorse00302010
10/4/2023WoodSheepGreen WoodSheep0033918
10/5/2023FireMonkeyRed FireMonkey1670307
10/6/2023FireChickenRed FireChicken3000300
10/7/2023EarthDogBrown EarthDog900348
10/8/2023EarthPigBrown EarthPig02010030
10/9/2023MetalRatWhite MetalRat3030000
10/10/2023MetalCowWhite MetalCow3390018

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