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Five Elements Weights 15 Days

Today is Thursday, February 22, 2024, which is a Red Fire Dragon day according to the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. The weights of Five Elements appearing in the yearly, monthly, and daily cycles are for balancing your Five Elements in the Chinese astrology birth chart. We use this theory to predict people's fortune.

To find your Five Elements and Lucky Element is from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology. Below is the listing of the Five Elements weights for the next 15 days.

Five Elements Weights of Daily Zodiac Signs

Date Stem & Branch Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
2/22/2024FireDragonRed FireDragon0393018
2/23/2024FireSnakeRed FireSnake700467
2/24/2024EarthHorseBrown EarthHorse0002040
2/25/2024EarthSheepBrown EarthSheep003948
2/26/2024MetalMonkeyWhite MetalMonkey467007
2/27/2024MetalChickenWhite MetalChicken600000
2/28/2024WaterDogBlack WaterDog9300318
2/29/2024WaterPigBlack WaterPig0501000
3/1/2024WoodRatGreen WoodRat0303000
3/2/2024WoodCowGreen WoodCow3930018
3/3/2024FireTigerRed FireTiger0016377
3/4/2024FireRabbitRed FireRabbit0030300
3/5/2024EarthDragonBrown EarthDragon039048
3/6/2024EarthSnakeBrown EarthSnake7001637
3/7/2024MetalHorseWhite MetalHorse30002010

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