Houses and Bedrooms Bring you Love

 Romance and Love Energizer From Feng Shui Flying Stars

The method is for the people seeking a romantic love. Please don't try this, if you are married or have a very close friend already.

One theory of the Purple White Flying Stars in the Chinese Feng Shui is that the marriage and love aspiration of people will be positively energized when their bedrooms have Black 2 and Green 4 flying stars staying there. (Background of Flying Stars)

How it works

Each house and bedroom has its own Flying Star Square. Each year and month has its Flying Star Square too. If we overlay the Flying Star Squares together, the area which has Black 2 and Green 4 in it brings extraordinary romantic luck for people staying here.

The following tool tells you what type of the house and which bedroom in the house can help your romantic luck. If you can find one of  those houses or bedrooms to live, then you will have a better chance to find your romantic love.

To find your time zone is to find the World Time zone Map.

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