Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Yearly Cycle - Peek That Year

In the Toolbar of Fortune Angel Chinese astrology, you can launch the Peek That Year screen is to click the Magnify-Glass Icon . The birth data might carry over from the active birth chart in the different screen.

If you want to read the prediction messages of special years for different person, then you can directly enter different birth data from the screen. Or you can use people button to select different personal birthday from Names.mdb database.

By selecting a year and click the OK button is to display the prediction messages of Yearly Cycle. It includes the 12 Monthly Cycles in that astrological year.

Simply click on the Previous Icon or the Next Icon , the prediction message will go to the previous or next year.

There is an option to change the strength of Day Master, by checking on the Use Different Opinion Checkbox.

After change the strength of Day Master and click the OK button again, the prediction message will adjust the result of good or bad luck.

To click on The Panda Icon or Chinese Icon in the Toolbar and and click the OK button again,  the birth chart and Stem-Branch will show in Chinese characters.

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