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If you are interested in online personals, dating personals, love personals, or free personals services, then we believe that you will concern and serious about the coming relationship and we prepare compatibility advice here for you to help you to make better decisions and choices for your life when looking for your perfect love match.

Based on the National Survey of Family Growth, a nationally representative sample of women age 15 to 44 in 1995, 43 percent of first marriages end in separation or divorce within 15 years. About 50% of first marriages for men under age 45 may end in divorce, and between 44 and 52% of women's first marriages may end in divorce for these age groups. Therefore, we provide the Chinese astrology comprehensive love match tools to help people to choose true love and prevent divorce.

Many people join dating personals services today to search for the right match by choosing the people's preferences, religion, education, outlook, habits, Income, traits, or occupation. However, people might lie on those characteristics. Our astrology matching tool is to compare two person's birthdays to determine the compatibility level. If people are thinking of a long-term relationship, they won't lie about their birthday to lose their honesty to the potential soul mate. In short, the birthday compatible test is like a DNA test, which is direct, effective, objective, and convenient.

Our Fortune Angel Love Match ® combines Chinese Astrology Fast Match, Western Zodiac Match and Chinese Feng Shui Kau Number Matches to provide a valuable matchmaking advice for people looking for their best relationship. We are very confident in our Chinese astrology Fast Match after the million tests over Internet since 1999. Although there is no perfect marriage out there, our reports will help you to find the best match. We strongly believe that the chance of divorce is very remote slim for the Perfect Match out of our reports.

Your Most Compatible Birthdays - If you begin to search for your next relationship and you don't know where to start, we can select the best match for you by giving you a list of birthdays which are most compatible to your birthday. Then you can use those birthdays to find your true love from the single dating services.

Angel Love Match Marriage Analysis - If you already have somebody in mind, we can help you to decide on a closer relationship or marriage by analyzing your three different astrology matches. It includes the prediction of the love and marriage luck in the coming years, which will let you know when you are ready for the marriage.

Multiple Angel Love Matches - If you already have many birthdays in hand, we can help you to choose the potential perfect match who might have a long-lasting relationship with you.

We hope our Fortune Angel Love Match reports can help you find your true love to accompany you for the rest of life. We are always wishing all couples in love end up a happy marriage. Any question or comment, you may email to mastertsai@yahoo.com directly.

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