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This person is Black Rat, born in the year of White Monkey.
The first character in DAY represents this person. So he or she is Male Water-Type person.

The Birth Chart

Birth Year: 1980 Month: 6 Day: 8 Hour: 12 Minute: 30
Hour Day Month Year
Male FireMale FireMale Fire Male WaterMale WaterMale Water Male WaterMale WaterMale Water Male MetalMale MetalMale Metal
HorseHorseRed Horse RatRatBlack Rat HorseHorseBlack Horse MonkeyMonkeyWhite Monkey

The Five Element Weights and Personality Chart

Personality Kind Polite Trustful Righteous Smart
Five Elements




Weight 0% 51% 15% 12% 21%

People have different Five Element weights in their Birth Chart. Each element implies one kind of personality. The Wood-type personality is kind, the Fire-type personality is polite, the Earth-type personality is trustful,the Metal-type person is righteous and the Water-type personality is smart. Because a person's Birth Chart usually contains five elements, there will always be mixed personalities.

Each element has a good and bad side of personality. If the weight of an element is between 15% and 25%, that implies a good side of personality. If the weight of an element is less than 8% or greater than 30%, that implies a bad side of personality. All other weights imply mixing the good and the bad side of the personality.

This Male Water-Type person, basically, shows Fire-type personality in the daily life.

51% Fire-Type Personality

People with Firer-type personality are courteous, eloquent, polite and expressive. They are good at compliments in speech.

Fire people are energetic, artistic, passionate, easily excitable, and have a tendency to rapidly change emotional states as well as become aggressive. They love sensation, drama and sentiment. They seek joy, gratification and the attention of others. They like to be invited to a party and dislike being alone.

People with excess Fire are often talkative, overstated, overexcited, overheated, sweet-talking, smart and restless. They tend to lecture and offend others because of their short temper.

21% Water-Type Personality

People with Water-type personality are smart, wise, frank, and resourceful. They have good memories and think before they leap.

There are two types of Water: Floating Water and Still Water. Floating Water makes people active and restless and feel like traveling. Still Water makes people clam and peaceful.

15% Earth-Type Personality

People with Earth-type personality are trustful, steady, loyal and responsible. They are honest, religious, reliable, and keep their promises.

The characteristics of Earth are standing still, being slow and steady, and stationary. Therefore the Earth people don't like to move their body and change their mind too often. They are honest, trustworthy, and responsible. They also have good faith. They can sit in one position for a long time. They accept religion since they like rumination and meditation. They are slow to react. They like to collect things, and enjoy their collectables at home, but not outdoors.

When their ambition and optimism is overwhelming, Wood-types can become upset, nervous, unstable, impatient, intolerant, and lose their humor by the frustration of many obstacles.

12% Metal-Type Personality

People with Metal-type personality are righteous, faithful, gallant and chivalrous. They like to know and help people.

Metal is the substance in which internal particles squeeze and condense together. There is a force from the outside to the inside that keeps Metal hard. Metal reflects light, so it is shiny. It may have a clear sound when it's hit. Therefore, a Metal-type person has great strength, discipline and enough courage to aid needy people, which may make them famous.

Metal people are brave, disciplined, trained, organized, authoritative, determinative, routine, firm, resolute and have an urge to win. They have a large sense of honor. They like to spread their fame. They are sensitive in grief and sadness.

0% Wood-Type Personality

People with Wood-type personality are kind, steady, sympathy-sharing, understanding and gentle. They like to help people and make donations.

The essence of Wood is a tree. The force inside the tree is like growing upward to the sky. Trees often compete with each other aggressively when growing up. Because of the characteristics of trees, Wood-type people are steadfast, organized, logical, practical, innovative, unique, assertive, fortitudinous, independent, challenging and direct. They like to plan things, take action, and go on adventures and challenges. They are perfectionists who tend to push themselves to the limit and seek out the best, and take first place in competition.

People lacking Wood essentially are weak in their opinions. They lack the determination to change their options when situations change. They are likely to be jealous when they don't have a strong viewpoint of their own.

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