Chinese Farmer's Calendar - Tool Bar and Status Bar

The Tool Bar

There are 11 icons on the tool bar. All the icons are short cuts to execute the application windows.

Close icon exits the Chinese Farmer's Calendar application
Printer icon prints the active Screen
USA Flag icon displays astrology symbols on the astrology charts
Panda icon displays Chinese characters on the astrology charts
Farmer icon display today's Daily Farmer's Calendar
Eye icon brings up the Find Lucky Days screen
Pie icon brings the screen to calculate People and House's Kua Numbers
Color Square icon brings the Matching Purple White 9 Flying Stars screen
House icon launches how to Find Feng Shui House window
Heart icon launches the Compatibility Love Match window
Bed icon launches the Bedroom and Office Arrangement window
Baby Cart icon launches the Baby Gender Prediction window
Moon and Sun icon launches the Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion window
Personal Data icon maintains and adds personal birth data into the database

The Status Bar

There are three panels in the status bar.

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