Chinese Farmer's Calendar - Special Event Names

Special Events

Open Business Grand Opening
Wedding Marriage, Wedding or Engagement
Move Move to New House, Residence Relocation
Bed Setup New Bed, Rearrange Bed Location
Office Inauguration, First Day on the New Job
Travel Long Distance Travel
Stove Setup New Stove, First Time Use New Stove
Doctor Doctor Visiting for hard-to-cure Disease or Surgery
Ground Groundbreaking for New Building, Work on Foundation
Build Build New House, Office, Temple, Church, Warehouse
Pillar Straight up the Main Pillars for New Building
Repair Repair Old House
Destroy Tear Down the Old House
Haircut Baby First Haircut, Haircut for Bride, Nun or Monk
Clothes New Clothes for Bride or Funeral
Set Free Set Free Prohibitions, Clean Entire House, End of Bad Luck 
Deliver Deliver or Sell Merchandise, Approve a Loan
Deal Writing Contract
Money Collecting Money, Buy Property or Order Merchandise
Pray Pray for Good Luck
Worship Temple or Church Events
Funeral Funeral Events
Others General Events

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