Chinese Farmer's Calendar - 28 Stars

28 Stars

Directions 28 Stars Good Events Bad Events
Eastern Stars Wedding, Travel, Clothes, Pillar, Moving Funeral
Garden, Wedding Build
Wedding, Garden, Buy Property, Build Funeral
Worship, Wedding, Roof, Moving Buy Property, Clothes
Worship, Moving, Travel General
Wedding, Build Clothes
New Pond, Build, Collect Money Wedding, Funeral, Clothes
Northern Stars New Well, Build, Clothes N/A
General N/A
Learning Clothes, Funeral, Lawsuit
N/A General
Travel, Collect Money Others
Worship, Wedding, Build, Moving Funeral and Others
Wedding, Build N/A
Western Stars Travel, New Well, Clothes Open Business, New House
New House, Clothes, Wedding N/A
Business Private Event, Clothes
General Clothes
New House, Build, Funeral Clothes
None General
Wedding, Travel, Collect Money Clothes, Funeral
Southern Stars Worship, New Well, Garden Clothes
Wedding N/A
Build, Wedding Funeral
Wedding, Garden Clothes, Funeral
Clothes, Wedding, Worship, Ask Luck N/A
None General
Buy Property, Wedding, School, Clothes N/A

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