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Love Match and Online Dating Services

Are you looking for your true love or searching for your soul mate? Many successful stories were reported from many dating site today. You might want to try for your luck from there.

Usually, you can search your match by filtering people's age, ethnicity, preferences, religion, education, outlook, habits, occupations and cities close to you from the dating services. When you are planning to initiate contact with potential mates of interest, you don't know you have any love of luck during that time or any chemistry will appear between you and your match. If you want to avoid waste of time and unnecessary heartaches, then you can consider about astrology love match.

Astrology or horoscope love match must know people's birthdays. If you know people's birthday, then you can use our Fast Love Match to do the compatibility test. If you want to know you or your match are in the time of seeking true love, then you can try Love Match and Marriage Analysis.

It's nice that a Love Match tool provides the most compatible birthdays for you. So you can focus on those compatible birthdays when seeking your soul mate. In this way, you can find your meaningful relationship, even a long-lasting marriage sooner.

However, if the membership database of dating services is not huge enough, then you might miss some opportunities to find your right match. They overstate that they have millions of members, actually only a small percentage of members are active or subscribing members. To find out how big is their database, we can find the traffic ranking of their sites from alexa.com, then we know how many people visit their sites in the past three months. It's reported that in 2004,

Match.com has 12 million members, Yahoo Personals has 7 million, Passion.com has 9 million, FriendFinder.com has 9 million , AmericanSingle.com has 7 million and eharmony.com has 4 million members.

The following charts are the comparison traffic rankings from alexa.com. You will know which dating services are leading the dating market. You might click on the chart, go to alexa.com to see the detail traffic.

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