Chinese Horoscope - Name of Animal Years

Sometimes people confuse about the animal name of their birth year when they were born in January or February. The reason is that the Chinese Astrology (Four Pillars, Eight Characters or Zi Wei Dou Shu) and Chinese Horoscope (zodiacs or animals) websites give people different answers.

The first day of the Chinese calendar year using in the Chinese Horoscope is the Chinese New Year day, which is the first lunar day of Chinese first lunar month. The Chinese New Year is in between January 20 and February 20.

The first day of the Chinese astrology calendar year using in the Chinese Astrology is the first day of the Tiger month. The day is always around February 4.

In short, Chinese Horoscope uses the Chinese lunar calendar and Chinese Astrology uses the Chinese astrology calendar, which is a solar calendar.

Which calendar should we use?

In Chinese lunar calendar, we use numbers to name the months. For example, we say 7th lunar month or leap 7th lunar months. In Chinese astrology calendar, we use animal names to name the months and years. For example, we say Tiger month or Dragon year. Therefore, it makes more sense to using the Chinese astrology calendar to find our animal name of the birth year.

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