Symbol of people relationship Ten Representatives (Gods)

Your Spouse, Children, Money, Job and Parents

The DAY-Stem of the birth chart from Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar represent the characteristic of a person.

8 Characters

For this example, Female Water represents the person of this birth chart. This birth chart has four columns (Year, Month, Day and Hour) with eight characters (four Stems and four Branches). Since DAY-Stem presents a person, seven other Stems and Branches surrounding the DAY-Stem must have the close relationship with the person.

Before talking about the relationship, we need to review the Yin-Yang relationship of five elements again.

5 element relationship
  • Wood helps File to burn
  • Fire burns to dust
  • Metal forms in the Earth (Soil)
  • Metal holds the Water
  • Water helps Tree to grow
5 element relationship
  • Wood fights with Metal
  • Fire fights with Water
  • Earth fights with Wood
  • Metal fights with Fire
  • Water fights with Earth

Stem Merging

  Base on attraction relationship from the numerology Diagram from Horse back.
  • Yang Wood (1) and Ying Soil (6) like each other
  • Ying Wood (2) and Yang Metal (7) like each other
  • Yang Fire (3) and Ying Metal (8) like each other
  • Ying Fire (4) and Yang Water (9) like each other
  • Yang Earth (5) and Ying Water (10) like each other

From the Affinity, Enmity and Attraction relationships, we can infer anything close a person like his or her spouse, children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends even money.

For example, a person (Me) with Male-WoodMale WoodMale WoodDAY-Stem.

Stem Representative Man Woman
Male WoodMale Wood Friend or Sibling same element with same sex. sibling or  friends Brothers Sisters
Female WoodFemale Wood Money Contenders same element with different sex. sibling, friends. overcome soil (money). contend for money from father or business. contend for girl friends (wife). Sisters Brothers
Male FireMale Fire Money for Food generated by me with same sex. overcome male metal (Discipline) to relax. make money (female soil) to buy and enjoy food. father-in-law - father of female soil (wife) Daughter - Fire is generated by Wood
Female FireFemale Fire Show off money generated by me with different sex. overcome female metal (restrain). express yourself no restrain in mind or body (show-off). hurting job, think for money. Grandma - mother of male soil (father) Son - Wood generates Fire and the pressure to my husband
Male SoilMale Soil Easy Money overcome by me with same sex. easy money from someone or investment - conquer to get it. father - attract with female water (mom) mother-in-law - mother of my husband
Female SoilFemale Soil Property overcome by me with different sex. Property - conquer to have it with more efforts. Wife - attract with male wood (me) father - husband of my mother (male water)
Male MetalMale Metal Discipline overwhelms me with same sex. Discipline hard way. the pressure to me like my job. Son - growing out from female soil (wife) boy friend - same sex with my husband
Female MetalFemale Metal Angel Guide you overwhelms me with different sex. restrain. the pressure to me like my career. daughter - growing out from female soil (wife) husband - someone restrains my living
Male WaterMale Water Baby Sitter generates me with same sex. baby sitter  - help me to grow like mom. someone can protect me. mentor. Grandpa - attract with female fire (grandma) mother - water grows wood (me)
Female WaterFemale Water Parents or mother generates me with different sex. help me growing, parents, mother mother grandpa - husband of mother-in-law

Ten representatives help us to get information about the relationship of your relative, career and money. If the DAY-Stem is not the Male Wood, you can do the same way to find the ten representatives.

Representative Too less Too many
Friends or sibling Sibling or friends weak in will and health. alone, too much pressure, cannot handle money and career alone. If too much money, too less mother, then born poor. strong in will and health. many sibling or friends. Too many contender for money and spouse. If too less money, then late marriage.
Money Contenders Money contender
Money for Food Enjoy food (gourmet) less opportunity for good food. poor in expression, cannot make too much money. Too much freedom. like to show off. pretty face or body. hurting image. good in speech. If too less friend, weaken yourself. If many friends, make money.
Show off money Jeopardize career
Easy Money Easy money less money opportunity. If too many friends, no money. born poor. father must work hard. hard to find your wife. less relation with father many money opportunity. If too less friend, you cannot gasp the money. so you work for money. money generates job (career)
Property Property
Discipled by Devil Disciplined by devil Less discipline, Less career opportunity. No job pressure Too much pressure on your job and career.
Restrained by Angel Restrained by angel
Baby Sitter Baby sitter less supporter, weak in will, less mother relationship. job pressure Senior or elder like you. supporters release your pressure. close to mother. generate friends
Mother of Parents Mother

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